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Finally, an Easy Way to Aggregate, Store, Share and Secure All of Your Medical, Nutrition and Exercise data.

Seems everyone wants YOUR data! We want to give you YOUR Data. WoMBA is YOUR health vault, YOUR Data – YOU are in Control. You control who sees it, you share it with whom you want. WoMBA is a FREE service. Whether you are going to the doctor for a checkup, having a baby, in the hospital for an injury or simply want to monitor your exercise, WoMBA is your only answer for secure unified, updated, connected data. Utilizing WoMBA may even lower your insurance premiums! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! – Watch the presentation to the right to learn more!

WoMBA automatically pulls your medical, exercise and nutritional giving you a cockpit view of your health

The WoMBA centralized user-driven system allows for easy reading of all data sources. WoMBA helps ensure YOUR data is available to YOU and to your clinicians in an emergency allowing for better life management and treatment in times of need.

Wellness & Nutrition

Partnered with many solution providers, WoMBA users can all their fitness data on a single screen. Users can every share data aggregated by WoMBA between many solutions. As well, WoMBA has partnered with nutrition management apps to help guide users in ensuring a proper diet intake and to help prevent allergic reactions.

Clinicians and Health Information Exchanges

Partnered with Doctors, Health Information Exchanges and private medical facilities, WoMBA is at the forefront of centralized medical care. With user permission, patient driven data can be shared with solution providers to help ensure timely and correct medical care is provided.

Preventative Care

Partnered with leading cutting edge preventive care solutions, WoMBA integrates with solution providers that can predict the future of one’s health. Our partners solutions can notify of a heart attack notify of a food allergens, notify users of changes in blood pressure or sugar level etc. Our integrated alerting system can notify loved ones as well of these alerts.


Partnered with groundbreaking technology vendors, WoMBA will remind you to take your medication and alerting you of incompatibilities within your different medications, as well as allow you to reorder and review your prescriptions. Our alerting system can even notify you when you are running low!


Partnered with many of the leading nutrition management and calorie intake applications and software packages, WoMBA allows for users to keep their diet balanced. WoMBA users can use multiple apps to monitor their intake. Alerts can be set to help prevent over and or under consumption.

Support Network

Partnered with online communities and medical practitioners, WoMBA users can join online virtual communities as well as monitor online boards to ask questions and seek leading medical device.
Select your data sources, Fitness, Diet, Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals and Communities. Your E-DNA will be created within minutes allowing for cockpit view of your health with the ability to create easy to read reports. Utilizing Womba may lower your insurance premiums and more importantly save your life!

Your Data, Your Life, Your Right!