Take control of your health.

WOMBA is like a giant health filing cabinet–built just for you.

Retrieve your records from all your doctors, everywhere, going back years.
Store your records in a place they’re easy to sort through and simple to understand.
Take complete control over what doctors and family members can see your info. Or share it with anyone you like.

What’s the difference between WOMBA and a ‘patient portal’?

Patient portals are websites provided by your hospital, doctor or Health Information Exchange (HIE) that provide access to your medical records online. Unfortunately, most of these individual systems don’t communicate with each other. Therefore, you never get a complete picture of your health. WOMBA aggregates data from a network that includes a majority of all electronic medical records. You can use it to build a complete medical profile.

The first time you register with WOMBA, the system will retrieve every one of your available records and consolidate them into one file. You’ll no longer need to log on to different websites to browse your records because everything you need will be stored in one place.

What’s more, WOMBA is built from the ground up to facilitate medical record sharing. That puts you, the patient, in charge of who can see your completed file. Share information with your family, doctors, specialists, or anyone else you see fit. There’s no need to fill out complicated paperwork or physically transport files. You can share your records at the touch of a button.

How does WOMBA keep my records secure?

WOMBA uses a cutting-edge biometric technology system called MeONLY to be absolutely certain that you’re the only one who controls access to your medical records. Biometrics are measurements of your physical characteristics like facial shape and voice tone that can be recorded by a cell phone or computer.

Every time you log in, WOMBA uses MeONLY to check your biometrics against those stored in the database. This makes WOMBA far more secure than sites using a standard username/password system because the biometric measurements themselves are a critical part of the key that unlocks your personal data.

Furthermore, MeONLY’s world-class data scientists continually upgrade algorithms to ensure that WOMBA has implemented the most current security procedures available.