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Our Mission

Today, with literally thousands of sports apps, medical apps, nutritional apps and of course doctors’ offices offering online access to your medical records the chances of anyone checking all their vitals, nutritional intake etc. is close to nil… Why? Way too much data!! WoMBA takes all your data sources and aggregates it under one platform. Aggregated data allows you to see a full picture of your health and gives you a full profile of your E-DNA. Not only does utilizing WoMBA give you easy access to your collected data but many insurance companies will give you a discount for using services such as WoMBA and last but not list, if not the most important, WoMBA can save your life.

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Our Video

Animated WoMBA overview. Your data simplfled.

Our Team

WoMBA was founded by Eli Rowe, the CEO of PDC Corp, North Americas largest data retrieval company. With hundreds of insurance companies contracted and electronically connected to PDC for the last 20 years, WoMBA is the 21st century arm of automated aggregated real time data collection. WoMBA collects data requested by the user for the user and allows only authorized users to see all of their data in a single location. Quick efficient access to one’s medical records may not only reduce life insurance rates but may actually save one’s life when time is of the essence.
Eli Rowe

Highly energetic public speaker who has motivated crowds on professional platforms including The MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Top of the Table conference, the mainstage of the AHOU and countless other regional and national corporate meetings and events. Eli's sense of humor and relaxed style is the backdrop for his diverse life as a successful CEO dealing with hundreds of Billion Dollar Companies

Christina Galanis

Christina Galanis brings to WOMBA her unique blend of executive experience at the intersection of entrepreneurial health information systems and healthcare public policy. An innovator in medical data exchange, Galanis helped found HealthLink NY in 2005 in response to New York State’s renewed emphasis on improving patient quality of care and outcomes while controlling cost. Under her leadership, HealthLinkNY grew to cover 13 counties in the Southern Tier, Catskill and Hudson Valley regions. She developed programs to support health information exchange, population health improvement, practice transformation services and meaningful use reporting. Her command of the technology transforming the healthcare industry is matched only by her intimate familiarity with the public policy considerations that put that technology into place. Her strong communications background has served her both as a mediator among the industry’s many stakeholders and as an evangelist for deeply connected cloud-based healthcare data exchange.

Neil Harrington

Neil Harrington is a Corporate Financial and Technology Executive with more than over 20 years of international experience in accounting, finance, and IT. Neil serves as Chief Financial Officer for PDC Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiaries. Prior to joining PDC, Neil was appointed VP of Technology for Simstar Internet Solutions, a recognized leader in e-Marketing serving the needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. From 1998 to 2001 he served as Director of the e-Business Consulting Practice for the northeast region for Visalign, a leading Microsoft Solutions Provider, specializing in the strategic application of technology to produce measurable business value in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. His career comprises 10 years of international executive-level experience in accounting and finance. He holds degrees in Organizational Leadership, Public Accounting, Management, and Information Systems from Mercy College. Neil is married and lives in Queens, New York

Moti Mitteldorf

Moti has 20+ years’ experience in building leading tech, security and web platforms. Working alongside Eli for many years Moti has been the project manager and the make it happen person on the WoMBA project. Moti is a married father of 5 splitting his time between New York and Israel.

Stuart Levy

Stuart Levy is COO and has been part of PDC for 15 years. As its Chief Operating Officer Stuart oversees the day to day operations, and manages the company’s many client relationships. In addition, Stuart also spearheads the company’s new business and sales area. With experience in data retrieval, business process development, and ability to develop strong relationships, Stuart is an essential asset to the WOMBA team.

Sarah Heschel

Sarah has been the make it happen person for our entities for a number of years. Her hard work and dedication helps makes WoMBA the one application that everyone who cares about their health requires. Sarah expertise in dealing with critical and sensitive issues in a timely confidential manner has made her a key employee on our team. Sarah is married and lives with her husband and baby son in Brooklyn, New York.

Brandi Devine

Brandi Devine comes to WOMBA with a roll-up-her-sleeves attitude and diverse work experience. She graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a bachelor’s degree in Professional Media Writing and Communications Studies. Brandi spent the last several years working with a health information exchange, where she had a hand in developing future strategy and steering overall operations. When she’s not working, Brandi likes to spend time with her family/friends, horses, dog and her amazing son Lincoln.


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