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WoMBA also known as the World Medical Bank  makes our world smaller by finally putting the patient in charge. Medical and patient gathered data that was independent, and  fragmented is now unified and accessible. WoMBA makes the patient-data whole far greater than the sum of its parts. WoMBA is vendor agnostic and aggregates data selected by the user such as real time vital statistics, nutritional, medicinal and exercise  data immediately accessible. WoMBA not only may save your life when time is of the essence but may bring down your insurance rates!
WoMBA is LC Compliant. All data is authenticated using MeOnly as well as other authorized methods. All data is transferred via SSL and encrypted.
Our goal is to list every known device that provides the ability for external connections. If your device is NOT listed please create a trouble ticket and we will do our best to get it integrated.
You and any parties you have granted permission to access your data.
WoMBA is privately owned. Please see the About Us page for more information.
Yes, You can create a report and select what data you would like to share and email It out to whom you wish
Yes, for example if you have 2 running apps you can compare the two.
Your data is being pulled from the collection device. If there is conflicting information you will need to contact the device(s) manufacturer.
WoMBA is patient driven data. All data is encrypted and secure and operated in a Hipaa compliance manner. In addition all servers and sites are tested regularly to ensure the ultimate in security.
Yes, all data is secure, encrypted and transferred over SSL. No identifiable data is shared without user consent.
Yes, you can select friends and acquaintances and select which data you would like to compare. The system will send an invite out to your friend so that that he or she may see where your are holding. These permissions can be revoked at any time.
Yes, you can share your data and create one time and permanent passwords for your account as well as select what data is accessible to be shared.
Yes, WoMBA can notify you when any change or modification is made or any identifiable data is accessed.
Yes, you can be notified if your data is accessed, all access are logged.
Your insurance company wants you to be healthy and live a long successful life. Many insurance companies are providing discounts if you use WoMBA. Please contact your insurance company to find out if you are eligible. If your life insurance company is not providing a discount please contact us and we will try to work out a deal with your provider and or recommend a company that does provide a discount for “Smart Data”.