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Quicker, Better Care, More Efficient Office

According to the American Journal of Managed Care, a visit to the doctor takes approximately two hours. The majority of that time is costing the medical practice money taking care of trivial expenses and costs that can be expedited with the right technology.

WoMBA will save you money in backend staffing and paperwork as well as allowing you to provide better, quicker, more efficient medical care.

Our portal allows patients to have access to their data, giving them the access to all their fitness, medical and nutritional records in a single spot assisting them in making quick educated decisions.

Why WoMBA!?

  • WoMBA works with virtually ALL EMR systems, wearable devices and digital preventive care solutions.
  • No fees. Only Better Care!
  • Easy to use, fully adaptable and customizable system, interoperable and compatible using IHE interoperability standards; CDA, CCD, CCDE, HL7, etc.
  • WoMBA is a user/patient driven data aggregation system, allowing for instant access by patient and provider
  • Personal Vault to allow older documents, pictures, XRAY, and PDFs to be stored.
  • Available on the web, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Constant provider giveaways and contests. Win Laptops, PC’s, IPads and more. The more you use our system the better your chances of winning!
  • Ready for better workflow?

  • HIPAA issues resolved, patient consent on signup via electronic request
  • Cockpit view patients’ medical, diet and exercise information
  • Immediate access, no waiting on other doctors to upload or fax data.
  • Data encrypted, patient authenticated via MeONLY one step BioMetric authentication.
  • Clinical knowledge base and add on advisor.
  • Automated use logging
  • Patient/Doctor messaging.
  • Signup as a data provider today

    Whether you are a hospital, doctor, clinic or insurance company joining WoMBA today will allow your patients to have a centralized platform of all their data sources.

    P.S Joining WoMBA will save you money and you may even win monthly giveaways!