WOMBA Founder and CEO, Eli Rowe Announces Christina Galanis, as President of WOMBA, Inc.

March 19, 2018 By

(New York, New York) Christina Galanis, former President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HealthlinkNY will be joining the WOMBA team as its President. Christina has spent the last 13 years as Executive Director, President and CEO of HealthlinkNY, one of eight Qualified Entities (QE) contracted by New York State Department of Health to operate the Health Information Exchange (HIE) in 13 counties in the Hudson Valley and Southern Tier, as well as to the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY).

“It’s been my passion and career goal to give patients ultimate control of their health record in an easy to use, easy to transmit app that’s available on your smart phone or through the internet.” said Christina “WOMBA brings together consumer control and revenue to increase the breadth and width of data available in one state of the art package. As I learned about the company I knew this was the vehicle to achieve my career goal and finally bring this all together.”
“On behalf of myself and the entire WOMBA team, we couldn’t be more excited to have Christina join our team. Her knowledge and passion are imperative to the ultimate goal; allowing patients to see a clearer and fuller picture of their health,” said founder and CEO, Eli Rowe.

Christina will help drive a nationwide consumer mediated exchange, putting healthcare data into the hands of the patients, where it belongs. In addition, there are many other exciting patient engagement and revenue enhancements already underway.

“It’s ultimately about saving lives. If we can make a patient’s complete healthcare record available to them for management of their health (or while acting as caregiver) and provide a secure medium to share with any provider they choose across the healthcare continuum, we are part of something much bigger,” said Rowe. “Add to that the value in disaster and emergency situations and Womba becomes priceless.”


WOMBA’s consumer mediated exchange system allows for easy reading of all data sources. With the latest biometric identity services, MeOnly, Patient authentication is enabled across multiple data sources. WOMBA helps ensure YOUR data is available to YOU to whomever you wish to share it with, in an emergency, at a specialist, a family caregiver and even to facilitate disability claims and life insurance applications allowing for better life management and treatment in times of need.

WOMBA was founded in 2014 by Eli Rowe, the CEO of PDC Corp, North America’s largest Life Insurance Data Retrieval Company. With hundreds of insurance companies contracted and electronically connected to PDC for the last 26 years, WOMBA is the 21st century arm of automated aggregated real-time data collection.

Learn more by visiting www.womba.com.