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Why Partner with WoMBA?

WoMBA via its parent corporation processes millions of paper medical records annually. Our online portal was created to create an easy to use automated data aggregation system on behalf of users.

When users want to apply for insurance or if they land in a hospital anywhere across the globe they have easy access to their medical records. WoMBA has the ability to integrate with hundreds of products across the globe, this integration list is growing constantly. Partnering with WoMBA not only provides your clients/patients with the ability to save money on their insurance plans but may actually save their lives.

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Become WoMBA Partner

We are seeking additional partners in every realm of medtech and wearable biomed/biotech devices.


Apps that report the nutritional value of an individual’s daily and give diet advice as well as report allergies.

Diabetic/Glucometers and Blood Monitoring Apps

Apps that monitor in time blood sugar, blood pressure and blood abnormalities.


Apps that monitor and predict changes in movement and or flow.

Sleep Apnea

Apps that help individuals with sleep apnea/sleep disorders.

Tobacco and Narcotic Cessation

Apps that help users overcome their to cigarettes, tobacco and narcotics

Medicine Management

Apps that help patients remember to take their medication, reorder medication as well as apps that help prevent drug interaction issues.
Partnering and linking with WoMBA will give you access to tens of millions of potential clients that use our solutions. Each category has a list of solution providers, once certified and integrated you will join the list of approved vendors.