Eli Rowe
Chief Executive Officer
Eli is a veteran business leader and entrepreneur, noted for his ability to spot opportunities around developing technology services in emerging markets. He’s also a sought-after public speaker who has motivated crowds at MDRT’s Top of the Table, The Association of Home Office Underwriting Conference and countless other engagements.

Moti Mitteldorf
Chief Technology Officer
Moti has over twenty years experience building cutting edge technical, security and web platforms. He’s collaborated with Eli for many year and currently serves as the project manager responsible for prepping WoMBA for market.

Neil Harrington
Neil Harrington is a Corporate Financial and Technology Executive with over 20 years of international experience in accounting, finance, and IT.

Stuart Levy
Chief Operations Officer
Stuart oversees the day to day operations, manages client relations, and handles new business.

Sarah Heschel
Sarah’s highly diverse skillset makes her the perfect team member to move complicated projects forward, whatever the current challenge. Her determination and workplace discipline are contagious, helping drive her coworkers in a fast-paced entrepreneurial atmosphere.