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Why WoMBA?

WoMBA is a visionary product that aggregates all your data sources into a single product allowing you full control of your E-DNA. Your E-DNA may include your doctors records, your exercise records, your prescription drug information. WoMBA is patient driven, meaning that you select the data records you want to monitor and include in your profile. The more data the more accurate. WoMBA utilizes leading encryption tools and undergoes constant auditing to ensure compliance with the strictest data privacy rules and regulations.

WoMBA Cockpit. You are in control, Womba is YOUR profile, YOUR life, Your right to select what you want to be accessed. Simple logins and interface ensure simplicity and security.

WoMBA Getting Started. Getting started with WoMBA takes minutes. You select the tools, doctors and resources you utilize from an easy to use interface, with a couple of clicks you grant WoMBA to collect the data on behalf of you, allowing you to have complete control of your data.

WoMBA is Easy to Use. WoMBA has relationships with many top vendors, with a couple of clicks we will seamlessly connect to the data source that you have selected. If your device or service is not listed please contact us and we will work to get in listed asap.

WoMBA E-DNA. EMR, Exercise, Doctor reports come together in an easy to read format giving you an overview of your health with the ability to drill down to details.

WoMBA Your Life, Your Choice. WoMBA is travelling the world, meeting hi-tech, cutting edge companies across the globe to partner with. We work with any provider who is willing to work with us. If you are not sure what product or services to utilize we will be happy to assist.

WoMBA IS Security. We utilize cutting edge encryption and users have the option to authenticate with MeOnly technology. WoMBA is fully insured and LC Certified. Additionally, We follow HIPAA compliance guidelines and have multiple physically-hosted, secure data centers. WoMBA has self certified to the US-EU and US-Swiss ‘Safe Harbor’ standards to ensure safe transfer of personal data.

WoMBA Tech Partner. Our vendor support team will assist you in integration of your apps and will work to help ensure a secure easy flow of data.

WoMBA Money & Life. Our goal is to provide you easy access to your records. Centralizing your data and providing easy access not only allows you to know your “E-DNA” but may save your life in the event of a life threatening emergency allowing for a thorough overview of your health records. WoMBA may also allow for a reduction in insurance premiums.

WoMBA Data. Your Data your life. All data we see you can see. We do not hold back. All data is confidential and only provided with your request. WoMBA provides a Hipaa compliant solution.