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Medical Records Simplified


The WOMBA Difference

Connecting to WOMBA gives you access to largest medical record network in the United States. WOMBA’s data sources include access to the overwhelming majority of Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, and Pharmacies nation-wide as well as consumer and smart devices.

WOMBA is the only all-encompassing solution on the market; including a patient portal with integrated auditable record sharing, a telehealth platform and a verified third party requester platform all wrapped into one HIPAA compliant solution secured by cutting edge multi-modality biometrics, KYC knowledgebase and powered by artificial intelligence.

The WOMBA HIE of ONE is simple and secure. Via our vast library of API's, Direct Connections and FHIR endpoints to WOMBA's data sources, WOMBA users can access records via restful API's and/or get access via our award winning intuitive WOMBA dashboard. Accessed via secure biometrics powered by MeONLY, WOMBA users, healthcare providers and/or authorized third party retrievers can get access to medical records from a majority of providers from across the country in seconds. Call us today to learn what hundreds of organizations around the country already know.

Welcome to the future of secure, verified, HIPAA compliant medical record access and sharing.

WOMBA - Trusted by Millions - Powered by MEONLY!
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Redefining Data Aggregation

WOMBA partners with EMR Vendors, health information exchanges (HIEs), healthcare providers, as well as individuals enabling seamless secure electronic exchange of health information compliant with HIPAA regulations. WOMBA's solutions allow expedited, secure medical record exchange enabling not only better healthcare but expedited underwriting, claim fulfillment, and other business processes for the life, health, long-term care, disability insurance markets.

WOMBA is in the process of receiving multiple certifications. Our platform is encrypted in transit and at rest. Users are verified using MeONLY verification services. WOMBA users have an audit trail to review all account activity.

Data Auditing

Our cutting-edge secure platform allows for complete transparency. Our Audit Log & Data Summary tabs allow users to see all their aggregated records, including medications, and allows the user full visibility into which parties have accessed his or her records, and when and from where such access took place.

Decrease risk in seconds

Partnering with WOMBA, not only expedites policy issuance and claims payment but allows for continuous health record updates. Our exclusive patient pro updater allows insurance companies to think outside the box, beyond the initial signup physical and maintain a relationship with their clients.

Healthy Patient = Happy Patient = Happy Insurance Company…

 Working together making the world a healthier and happier place.

Aggregated Medical Records

One application to to access all of your records from a diverse set of facilities. WOMBA's proprietary technology is simple to use and provides access to the overwhelming majority of the health systems in the United States

Consumer Entered Data

Automatically add data from your wearable and smart devices. WOMBA seamlessly integrated with wearables and smart devices allowing for a truly holistic view of your health profile

Record Sharing

WOMBA allows for sophisticated partial and complete record sharing. Consumers can set who, what and for how long records may be accessed. Additionally WOMBA allows for third parties such as ones doctor or ER to request access your records allowing for better health care by providing them with a holistic unbiased view of ones health history


Security is of the essence. WOMBA uses the latest and most up-to-date technology to verify consumers thereby ensuring positive patient matching and positively identifying individuals prior to as well as contemporaneous with each assess to the platform using MEONLY's cutting biometric verification solution.


WOMBA's integrated telemedicine allows consumers to access doctors anytime of day or night. Our interoperable platform allows doctors to save data within the WOMBA platform allowing for true continuum of care.












    WOMBA, LLC to Host Health Information Exchange Pioneer at HIMSS19 Global Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, FL.

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    WOMBA to Attend the ONC 2018 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

    December 19, 2018

    WOMBA, LLC, a leading provider of health record consolidation and retrieval services, is pleased to announce its co-sponsorship of the SHIEC cocktail ...


    WOMBA EU Announces Worldwide Telemedicine Technology

    November 28, 2018

    München, Stuttgart, March 12, 2017– WOMBA EU announces a telemedicine pilot project, erasing the boundary lines of states and countries to provide med...

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