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WOMBA, LLC, services the life, disability and long term care insurance industries as well as legal audits and other patient authorized record release disclosure requests by providing the aforementioned companies with comprehensive medical records for use in the underwriting and risk assessment of insurance applications.

  • WOMBA is the digital iteration and successor-in-concept to its parent company,, one of the country’s largest providers of health-records information to hundreds of insurance organizations.

  • receives thousands of requests for records daily for which it manually retrieves, scans, clarifies and uploads voluminous files from all over the country, a process which can require several weeks.

  • WOMBA is designed to perform the same service by utilizing a range of file transfer protocols to compile electronics health records real or near/real-time. The service is fully secure and uses advanced identify verification standards and is pending ISO/Hi-Trust certification.

  • Based upon the volumes that has encountered, WOMBA can provide a tentative forecasted revenue stream upon receipt of information from respective HIE’s regarding its market footprint.

WOMBA EHR-Compensation Process Flow

  1. WOMBA receives a request with an accompanying HIPAA authorization from (Example) life or disability insurer for the health information of a prospective policy-holder located in the HIE/EMR’s geographic market footprint.

  2. WOMBA either (i) provides the data source with the HIPAA authorization, or (ii) stores such HIPAA authorization in a file accessible to HIE at all time (Trusted Partner Status).

  3. The HIE, via an agreed-upon medical delivery process, provides WOMBA with the requested health records.

  4. Upon confirmation that the health records provided constitute a complete EHR, WOMBA remits $X to the HIE.

  5. Let’s get started working together. Please contact us today to sign an NDA and BAA.

As health records increasingly become digitized and are more readily accessible, insurance companies are starting to request updated health records for their policy-holders on an ongoing basis for the purpose of assessing their exposure. Each request by an insurance company to WOMBA constitutes a revenue-generating opportunity for the corresponding HIE thereby enabling HIE’s to earn multiple payments for records retrieved for a single patient.   

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