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What is WOMBA?

WoMBA is the secure interoperable platform to aggregate and share one’s medical, fitness and nutritional records. WOMBA pulls records from a multitude of data sources placing the patient/user in control of his/her data. All access is logged and transparent to the user allowing for true interoperability.


WOMBA is the leading solution for medical record collections and sharing. WOMBA ties into the overwhelming majority of medical records in the USA. WOMBA’s sharing networks share millions of records enabling improved and more efficient healthcare.

Does WOMBA release its records to third parties?

WOMBA empowers the user/patient to share and or authorize third parties to share and/or access one's records. Records are NEVER accessed or shared without the explicit authorization of the user.

Is my data confidential?

WOMBA employs the strictest data security measures in the industry. All activity is logged and viewable by the user. WOMBA admins have zero access to log files ensuring total and comprehensive confidentiality.

Is WOMBA HIPAA Compliant?

While there is no certifying body certifying “HIPAA compliance”, WOMBA exceeds HIPAA recommendations.

Where is my data stored?

The network is isolated in Azure using Azure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). All servers are replicated on a regular interval.

What database does WOMBA use when “working” with my data?

WOMBA uses Azure Cosmos DB and Cosmos DB

Does WOMBA encrypt its data?

WOMBA encrypts all data. We utilize 256 bit encryption. Due to multiple backend technologies being used, WOMBA uses different technologies including TLS,TDE. All data is encrypted at rest and in motion. Due to security concerns we do not list all processes and modalities being utilized.

Where does WOMBA get my data?

WOMBA is connected to a multitude of EMR Platforms, HIE’s, Alliances as well as direct to facilities. In addition WOMBA has direct FHIR connections to hundreds of health systems across the country. 

Can I share my data?

Yes, users can share their data with whom they want. All data is shared securely and logged accordingly. 

Can I share parts of my health record(s)?

Yes, you can share and or authorize a share to all or parts of a record.

Can I set a time range on how long a record may be accessed?

Yes, one can set a date rang or allow record access indefinitely. All access is logged, and the user may modify these settings at any time.

Can I add my own records into my WOMBA?

Yes, users may enter their own records and images into their WoMBA. Records that are delivered via a data source (i.e. a hospital) are marked as "verified', patient- entered data is displayed but not marked “verified”.

Can I add my fitness and/or nutritional data into WOMBA?

Yes, users may link their fitness data such as Fitbit etc into WOMBA.

Can a health, life, etc. insurance company access my records?

WOMBA empowers the user to allow third-party access to records and/or share records with whom they want when they want.

Is WOMBA a member of national alliances?

Yes, WOMBA is proud to be a member Commonwell, CareQuality, EHealth Exchange as well as a number of other organizations.

How does WOMBA secure my records?

WoMBA utilizes a host of solutions to ensure security. Included in our confidential secure processes is 256-bit encryption, MEONLY for access to the platform, and contracted leading security team to pentest, audit and test our system on a regular bases.

Can you tell me a bit about the WOMBA team?

The WOMBA team has decades experience in medical record aggregation, web solutions, and most important IT security. You can learn about WOMBA team leaders by visiting our ABOUT page.

Where does WOMBA stand on TEFCA?

TEFCA will be the biggest game changer in healthcare. WOMBA follows the ONC thought in that the patient is the owner of his/her records and that the healthcare provider/facility is the custodian of the records and that the patient should have sole control over access to his/her records.

Does WOMBA support FHIR?

Yes, WOMBA integrates natively with FHIR elements. WOMBA currently has close to 200 FHIR health system connections.

I am an HIE/EMR Vendor/Hospital, and I would like to earn an ROI fee, what is WOMBA’s reimbursement?

When records are utilized for commercial purposes with patient authorization (via WOMBA or HIPAA authorization) WOMBA will pay for the records. To learn more Please visit our Contact Us page and a WOMBA representative will get back to you promptly.

I represent a Hospital/HIE/EMR and I would like to share our records, and we would like our patients to be able to retrieve their records via the WoMBA patient portal, how do we do that?

WOMBA is interoperable by design allowing simple onboarding. Please visit Contact Us page and a WOMBA representative will get back to you promptly.

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