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WOMBA is the leading data aggregation solution for Third Party Medical Requestors such as Life, Long Term Care, Disability and Health Insurance companies. Our multi-faceted solution provides a seamless interface with health information exchanges, EMR’s and provider organizations allowing for expedited data retrieval and underwriting.

WOMBA’s intuitive easy-to-use solution streamlines the collection of health data for life insurers by providing a digital exchange platform through which they can access electronic health information pursuant to patient-signed record releases as well as by empowering individuals to collect their own records.

Getting a Pilot started with WOMBA is simple. 

WOMBA’s record ordering interface and API’s are simple to use. Prior to technical onboarding we initiate a pilot of our platform which allows our clients to get a feel for the platform as well as the quality of the data retrieved.

While “interoperability” is a popular catchphrase, accessing medical records across diverse competing platforms is still a challenge. WOMBA has built a national footprint to access records. WOMBA’s data hub is connected to virtually every healthcare alliance in the country and is constantly onboarding additional HIE’s, EMR vendors, Healthcare facilities and other medical record stakeholders. Due to diverse access policies of the various records holders, , technology restrictions and platform limitations, WOMBA has built out multiple options to receive data. Our process to retrieve records is simple. The more options data requestors take advantage of; the richer the data set will be.

Pilot options include one or all the following:

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A. HIPAA Authorized Release
B. Patient Access to FHIR endpoints
C. Virtual Paramed
D. Consumer uploaded records
E. Traditional APS retrieval

Pilot Requesters can opt to which “use cases” they would like to take advantage of.

WOMBA’s pilot provides access to 200 care providers/facilities across the country plus record access to records in 2 states. Approved pilot users can submit 10 requests against the 200 pilot locations and 5 per state-based queries as well access to over 300 consumer controlled FHIR endpoints. Upon signing of the NDA and BAA, WOMBA will provide the facility list.

WOMBA’s typical pilot process is as follows:

A. HIPAA Release

  1. Jane Doe applies for a policy with Best Life Insurance (BLI).
  2. BLI provides the BLI-approved WOMBA HIPAA Authorization to Jane.
  3. Jane fills out the application.
  4. BLI selects applicants that have records in the pilot locations.
  5. BLI uploads the authorization to WOMBA.
  6. WOMBA sends the request out to the facilities.

B. Patient Access to FHIR endpoints.

  1. Jane receives an E-mail/SMS from WOMBA notifying her that WOMBA has been contracted to aggregate her health records on behalf of BLI and instructs her to login to the platform and select her health systems.
  2. WOMBA’s patent- pending platform initiates the relationship utilizing MeONLY to verify the applicant identity.
  3. Applicant verifies and logs into platform
  4. Applicant logs in once to his or her healthcare systems. Once logged in records may be accessed indefinitely (applicant has the ability to terminate the connection at any time).

C. Virtual Telehealth Paramed Visit

WOMBA can access healthcare records from the majority of the country when providing Virtual Telehealth Paramed Sessions (“VTPS”). VTPS are unique to WOMBA and utilize WOMBA point- to- point tele-visit technology. VTPS require the applicant to authorize the WOMBA virtual Paramed to access his/her records. Paramed Healthcare records accessed will be available for the applicant to view and share in his/her WOMBA account.

D. Consumer loaded records

Once a client is verified with MeONLY and logged into WOMBA, he or she can upload his or her documents to the platform. Data retrieved from an EMR or verified data source is designated as “verified”. Records can be filtered to easily differentiate from among data sources.

E. Traditional APS retrieval.

When electronic data is not available, clients always have the option to elect a Parameds traditional APS.