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SDK stands for “Software Development Kit” also known as a "devkit". In the future WOMBA will provide SDK’s to enable partners to embed and share parts of WOMBA technology within their products.
What is the difference between the WOMBA SDK & WOMBA API?
WOMBA’s API is an interface that allows WOMBA to interact with third parties, whereas the WOMBA SDK is a set of tools that can be used to develop software applications embedding WOMBA. Keep an eye on this page to learn more about upcoming API’s and SDK’s.

WOMBA Network

WOMBA’s network works with a wide variety of medical data sources from healthcare alliances, HIE’s, Stand-Alone EMR’s, Hospitals, Providers, Labs, Pharmacies, Wearables as well as other miscellaneous emerging smart devices. This ecosystem streamlines our broad spectrum of data sources allowing for an easy-to-use streamlined approach to verified and personal medical record access.

Normalized Data

WOMBA’s proprietary technology spans across the United States and imports, cleans up, structures, and normalizes medical records and provides easy to implement restful API’s for requesters seeking to import data directly into their platform. WOMBA’s customizable fully encompassing intuitive interface can be used in addition to or in place of our  API’s to help underwriters and healthcare professionals have a 360-degree view of a patient's health. 


WOMBA’s requester API is currently in alpha and available via our partner program for approved partners who are excited to tryout the newest and greatest! Fees for API usage will be announced during beta, following alpha testing and prior to general availability. In the meantime, WOMBA’s fully function patient portal and data requestor interface are available. Get started today by clicking here or contact us today!

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