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WOMBA Telemedicine portal was built secure and interoperable by design. WOMBA allows enables doctors to examine their patients and provide care irrespective of where a patient may be located. The portal is also a critical medical access tool as during time of disaster when patient’s primary physician may not be available or accessible.
Our emerging platform allows for true continuity of care by allowing data entered into WOMBA by the telehealth doctor to beaccessible in the doctors primary EMR system. WOMBA telehealth also allows for importing of external medical records and for patients to see and share their records with other doctors, medical responders and loved ones. Doctors and Patients alike can schedule times of availability as well as times they wouldlike to see a doctor. Doctors can minimize missed and cancelled appointments by providing a remote-care option. WOMBA telemedicine is not a telehealth clinic but rather a service to provide theultimate in telecare by allowing Doctors to use our cutting edge integrated solution, display their disclosedrates and provide virtual care from anywhere while allowing WOMBA Patients to view available doctors on the platform and schedule a visit. The WoMBA platform uses cutting-edge point-to-point video and voice chat technology, which ensures comprehensive privacy and security.

In addition to meeting all U.S. requirements WOMBA Telemedicine complies with all European Union and German Data Protection Requirements .

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