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Stay connected to your healthcare providers

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Connect and share real-time health data from medical records, pharmacies, smart devices, third party applications, and patient portals

Juggling multiple provider accounts and patient portals can be confusing and time-consuming. Our FHIR endpoints are connected to 300+ health systems across the United States representing over 1000 facilities.

WOMBA allows both consumers and data requestors to pull medical records directly from health systems EHR via HL7 sources. WOMBA’s cutting edge technology transforms and stores the data  securely into FHIR following emerging industry standards.

Requesters can login to any of those systems representing the majority of the country and can  access their records and/or they may authorize access to third party requestors such as insurance companies or caregivers.

WOMBA works with all healthcare stakeholders

  • Urgent Care Centers

  • HealthCare alliances

  • Hiatus audits

  • Consumers

  • Medical data vendors

  • Underwriting technology providers

  • Disability insurance

  • Reinsurers


Whatever system they are in, whatever format they’re in, whatever technology they are utilizing, we will find it, get it, normalize it and allow you to share it!

Juggling multiple provider/facility accounts and patient portals is confusing and time-consuming. WOMBA allows users to simply login to the platform utilizing MeONLY. Once logged in, users simply login one time to each provider to obtain theirs, loved ones or authorized users records.

Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family’s important health information is at your fingertips!

WOMBA aggregates via FHIR and other technologies the below data types;

  • Procedures

  • Encounters

  • Conditions

  • Medications

  • Test results

  • Vitals

  • Demographics

  • Social history

  • Organizations

  • Immunizations

  • Notes

  • Explanation of benefits

  • Genetic testing

  • Activity Apps

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

  • Healthcare claims

Expedited record access with FHIR Endpoints

Getting Started is simple


Requesting Records

WOMBA FHIR Technology sends a request to the consumer to authorize access to EHR.


Retrieve medical records

Consumer or authorized third party connects their electronic health records, pharmacy data, and lab results to WOMBA.



Once a consumer or authorized party is logged in, WOMBA stays connected for expedited access. Users can disconnect at any time.


Structured Data

WOMBA ingests and structures the data and formats into industry FHIR standards.



Once data is in WOMBA it can then be combined with other HL7, unstructured or FHIR feeds and easily be exported out.

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WOMBA’s FHIR endpoints are in addition to the hundreds of data sources, HIES’ and EMRs that flow in without manual username and password intervention

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