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Record Sharing & Smart Filter

  • Text Hover imports your health records from multiple systems and medical practices and displays your records in an easy to read format. WOMBA empowers you to share your records with whomever you want and for whatever duration you want. WOMBA will never share your records without your explicit direction. WOMBA's smart filters and smart search features allow you retrieve your data  at your convenience and share the data as you deem appropriate. WOMBA is secured by MEONLY Biometrics Verification service which ensures that ONLY you and those authorized by you can access your health records. WOMBA strictly adheres to all HIPAA regulations and all data is encrypted. YOUR data security is our primary concern which is why we use industry-leading outside vendors to constantly test our platform.

WOMBA is THE  secure cross platform aggregation solutions that simplified healthcare

Smart Filter

WOMBA’s patent pending technology allows a user, doctor or any authorized party to delve into health records to locate and display exactly what one is looking for. Medical records can be hundreds of more pages long; but WOMBA’s intuitive technology allows one to easily locate the records needed.

Record Sharing

WOMBA’s record sharing capabilities allow users to share their records with their loved ones, medical professionals, recreational leagues, schools or even with their insurance companies, Additionally third parties such as life insurance companies can request for records of a user which a user may then elect to authorize. Our “patient-first platform' always puts the user in sole control of his or her data. Users can opt to share records for a discrete amount of time or in perpetuity. All sharing activity is logged and can be monitored via the corresponding audit log. Accessing the platform requires 2FA and/or MeONLY.

WOMBA firmly believes that (i) the patient is the sole  owner of the records, (ii) that hospitals and doctors are the trusted custodians of those records, and (iii) that the ability access to one’s own medical information at any time is at the core of healthcare reform. Our model has placed WOMBA as the paradigm of Consumer Mediated Exchange.

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