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WOMBA allows users and authorized persons or organizations to retrieve medical records from diverse platforms. The WOMBA paradigm shift can be defined as multi-faceted approach culminating in an HIE of ONE. 
Interoperability between platformsnatively built speaking “different languages” or even asimple attempt to exchange records betweendifferent versions on the same platform is often a nightmare. The ONC and other public and private organizations across the country have poured hundreds of millions of dollars trying to get competing platforms to talk to each other. 
WOMBA has presented on national stages across the country and has revolutionized record access and medical record sharing by creating an HIE of ONE. The WOMBA platform is fully interoperable to diverse systems rather than an attempting to build and or relying on a unified accessmethod from competitive platforms that natively don’t want to or can’t interoperate.
WOMBA ties into EMR Vendors, HIE’s, Hospitals, FHIR endpoints, Wearables, Smart Devices and Applications. Our platform is agnostic and is compatible with virtually every technology and platform on the market today including FHIR and blockchain applications. WOMBA enables individuals or organizationsto access and utilize the data that users generate in close to real-time.  
In addition to partnering with thousands of off-line facilities across the country WOMBA is proud to be a member of virtually of every alliance and medical sharing organization in the country including Commonwell, The Sequoia Project, Carequality, EHealth-Exchange, SHIEC, Direct-Trust as well as many HIE’s and EMR vendors. WOMBA vast network and relationships, many which extends from its partner organization which has over 30 years in the space.  WOMBA’s heavily invested cross technology constantly maturing platform has revolutionize record and access allowing records to be accessed in seconds vs what only a short while ago took weeks.

Who is in WOMBA’s Network?

  • Pharmacies

  • EMR Vendors

  • Data Alliances

  • Medical devices

  • Health apps

  • Diet Apps

  • Fitness apps

  • Wearable devices

  • Data Sharing Frameworks

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WOMBA’s easy to use secure API and Dashboard support multiple use cases and can be customized to meet your app or organizations needs.

What type of data can WoMBA Access?

  • Medications

  • Intake Reports

  • Procedures

  • Encounters

  • Discharge Reports

  • Test results

  • Dicom/Images

  • Vitals/observations

  • Immunization History

  • Insurance Info

  • Vitals

  • Social history

  • Genotypes & genetic traits

  • Activity

  • Sleep

  • Meals

  • Demographics

Our easy to use constantly developing  API’s can integrate and pull and push records to virtually any platform.


  • One Contract

  • One Integration

  • Quick Access

  • 30 Years’ Experience

  • Certified & Compliant Application

  • Secure Platform

  • Hundreds of satisfied clients


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