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At the very core of WoMBA is an airtight security platform called MeONLY.

MeONLY uses cutting-edge biometric algorithms to ensure that you are the only person who can access or share your medical records.

It begins at registration, when WoMBA uses MeONLY to positively confirm your real-world identity before retrieving even a single medical record. You may be asked to record a few moments of video, speak into a microphone, or answer a few questions about your personal history.

MeONLY uses this initial phase to generate your ‘eDNA’, a fully encrypted catalogue of physical characteristics that will allow you to unlock your account during future logins while preventing all third-party access that you haven’t authorized.

For added security, your eDNA comprises a critical element of the ‘key’ necessary to unlock your account and retrieve your encrypted medical records. This means your physical presence is absolutely required to access your files or share them with a third party.

MeONLY utilizes the most advanced approach to biometrics available. Anti-spoofing and liveness detection technologies ensure that unauthorized parties can’t log in using pre-recorded video or other illicit techniques. Additional layers of proprietary data storage techniques further protect your records. Most importantly, WoMBA’s team of industry-leading data scientists continually update security procedures to stay well ahead of the technological curve.


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