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Too many facilities? Too many Health Apps? Too Many Logins? Consolidate & Gain Control with WOMBA

  • Text Hover imports your health records from multiple systems and medical practices and displays your records in an easy to read format. WOMBA empowers you to share your records with whomever you want and for whatever duration you want. WOMBA will never share your records without your explicit direction. WOMBA's smart filters and smart search features allow you retrieve your data  at your convenience and share the data as you deem appropriate. WOMBA is secured by MEONLY Biometrics Verification service which ensures that ONLY you and those authorized by you can access your health records. WOMBA strictly adheres to all HIPAA regulations and all data is encrypted. YOUR data security is our primary concern which is why we use industry-leading outside vendors to constantly test our platform.

Organize All Your Health Information

  • Easily keep track and manage all medical information in one place

  • Instant medical records access

  • Upload your own records to the platform

  • Secure communication with your physicians

  • Share records with your insurance company, school, work or recreational athletics group that may need access to your medical records

  • Audit log to monitor all access activity to your records

Track and Manage your Fitness Data

  • Automatically add data from your wearable and mobile fitness trackers

  • Uploaded smart device data automatically uploads to the WOMBA timeline.

  • Share portion or all your records with whom you want for how long you want.

Get a Complete Picture of Your Health

  • WOMBA timeline is simple yet intuitive.

  • Share your records securely with your doctor

  • All your medical information in one place

  • Summary – Summarized your health record allowing for quick understanding of your health during time of an emergency.

  • Assign access to records indefinitely or for periods of time.

Trusted, Safe and Secure

  • You choose who and when to share information with

  • All login uses 2FA (two factor authentication)

  • All logins allow for MeONLY signin

  • Data is only accessed and shared with your explicit permission.

  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

  • Our platform is HIPAA compliant, security tested by outside vendors.

WOMBA IS PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF COMMONWELL, EHEALTH EXCHANGE, SHEC, CAREQUALITY & The Sequoia Project and affiliated with a number of HIES, Medical Facilities, and medical responders across the country.

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Overview Tab allows for easy access to medical history in time of an emergency

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Automated Integrated access to thousands of health facilities across the United States as well as to hundreds of health system across the country using cutting edge FHIR technology.

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