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Wearables & Nutrition

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Consumer-facing health tools have revolutionized the way people access care. Patients can track, measure, and quantify their health-related data on the go or in the comfort of their own homes. However, the recent proliferation of technology-enhanced exercise gadgets, smart medical devices such as glucometers, scales, etc. and nutrition apps require creative and inventive innovations in the way these technologies interact with the provision of healthcare. WOMBA’s platform provides a comprehensive solution to effectively merge these technologies into the healthcare space to improve the quality of healthcare delivery across the globe.
The nascent potential of wearable, smart healthcare devices to motivate people to stay healthy and improve health outcomes will be optimized  if the relevant corresponding data from these devices can be properly collected, centralized, analyzed, and acted upon. As new solutions emerge, people will adopt, multiple solutions for which they will require a centralized home for their data.
WOMBA's agnostic platform integrates with disparate wearable health devices so that all data is fed into an automated, secure, encrypted cloud-based platform that allows users, physicians, caretakers, and care managers to review and act on previously unknown information.

Advantage for Users
Easy to Read Timeline
  • Easy to read timeline provides a cockpit view of medical records alongside collected data from “smart devices” and nutritional information

  • Stay motivated -share records with medical professionals, family members and friends

  • Easy setup – Within minutes have all your devices connected!

Advantage for HealthCare professionals
Patient Engagement
  • Stay active in your patient's lives outside the office by monitoring their physical activity and nutrition

  • Use evidence-based approaches to guide your patients and help keep them healthy.

  • Leverage rich imported clinical EHR data, medication history, lab results, and wearable device data to help guide patients to healthier lifestyle and treatment advice

Advantage for Insurers

Promote Lifestyle Change
  • Create holistic and personalized historical view of connected devices. WOMBA’s simple view encourages patients to stay healthy

Increase Member Engagement
  • Utilizing WOMBA bring-your-own-device program which allows members to choose the device that is right for them, thereby increasing participation and adoption

Keep Members Healthy and Productive
  • Utilizing WOMBA’s connected health platform helps keep members healthy. Healthy members have fewer sick days and related doctors visits and live longer healthier lives

Incentive Programs
  • Reward healthy lifestyle choices and logged activity using verified data from connected digital health devices and nutrition apps

Optimize Underwriting
  • The digital age provides underwriters a significant increase in the amount and types of data to evaluate. Merging traditional underwriting techniques alongside connected EMR & “Smart Digital” data provides a holistic view of the proposed insured’s health thereby significantly enhancing risk evaluation capabilities

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