WOMBA EU Announces Worldwide Telemedicine Technology

München, Stuttgart, March 12, 2017– WOMBA EU announces a telemedicine pilot project, erasing the boundary lines of states and countries to provide medical assistance to patients anywhere in the world. WOMBA EU teamed up with MedCon, a leading global medical assistance and travel safety company to offer video medical consultations with clients and travellers around the world. This allows the patient to recieve rapid medical attention on the go from a team of qualified doctors in Stuttgart, Germany. “The focus of this partnership is ‘convenience’ and ‘efficiency’ for patients who need rapid, secure, and high-quality access to medical advice, and want to actively manage their own health,” said managing director of WOMBA EU, Heinz Gänsslen. “I am very excited about the project with MedCon. It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the true capabilities of WoMBA’s ground-breaking approach to digital health services in the European market,” said CEO of WOMBA International, Eli Rowe. For the MedCon team, this partnership is just the beginning. Soon, all patients will have secure online access to their medical records (e.g. sonography, laboratory tests, vaccination dates, preventative check-ups), through their World Medical Bank Account (WOMBA) or Personal Health Record (PHR). The patient’s WOMBA can then be easily and securely shared with their physician. “I’m extremely confident that working with WoMBA EU will enable us to markedly improve the quality of service offered to our many clients who need rapid, quality health advice when they are on business or holidays abroad, and possibly in very remote locations where access to conventional health advice is impractical,” said the Head of Digital Health at MedCon, Michael Plesse. This will make all key medical information instantly available to physicians during a medical consultation and reduce the duplication of efforts and costs to payers. The pilot project will also accelerate the introduction of online health services in Germany and the rest of Europe. About WOMBA EU WOMBA EU operates in the eHealth sector to offer an EU-certified, secure platform for video-consultations between a patient and doctor. It is a corporate start-up, founded in Munich in 2017 by WoMBA LLC with local partners with deep knowledge of the European eHealth market. The video-conferencing and PHR suite of products also has a ready application in general health services, to avoid waiting times for appointments and the inconvenience of attending the doctor’s office in person may lead to poorer health outcomes, patient dissatisfaction and the impact on revenues for doctors. About MedCon MedCon is one of the world market leaders in global medical assistance. It provides a 24-hour emergency hotline to provide primary medical support, case management, second opinions, and arranging further care including medical evacuations where necessary, for large corporate and leisure companies operating worldwide. # # # If you would like more information about this topic, please contact WOMBA by email at