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Your only source for regulation compliant, secure, quick medical data aggregation.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements to protect

patient information and your facility.

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Our Process

WoMBA works with law firms, health & life insurance companies as well medical facilities and telemedicine companies who require medical records. Our all-inclusive records can be delivered in with PDF, CCD or Image.

Step 1

Register for a

Step 2

Once your application is received a representative will call you to discuss your application and your need for medical records.

Step 3

Once your company is approved you will be able to login to WoMBA to create users who are permitted to login to the system and define rights and limitations. Once the users are created they can login and begin retrieving data. Depending on our proprietary internal rating system your company will be assigned a risk factor which will determine your trusted partner status.

Retrieving Medical Records has three processes for retrieving data.


Single Patient Data Retrieval

Using SPDR you may log in to your WoMBA account and retrieve individual medical records. Each record will require a consent documenting that the requesting party has the permission to access the data. During the request process, you will be provided with different options as to how you wish to save the requested medical data.


Batch Patient Retrieval

Using BPR, you may upload a spreadsheet in either XLS or CSV format with the required patient identifiers. Our base form is available for download by clicking here or by visiting our forms page. Using this method you will verify permission to access the medical records requested. Data will be delivered in the format requested and be made available to be viewed online or downloaded.


Secure File Transfer

Using SFTP you may upload our ACCORD form into your designated SFTP box. The data will be retrieved by our retrievers who will do the manual entry into the portal. Data will be delivered back into your data box in the format requested and be made available to be viewed online or downloaded.

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